“Sardy delivers an extraordinarily ambitious and accomplished narrative … illuminating mental illness from the inside out … An impressive debut.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred)

“A revelation .… Deeply moving .… This book changed how I thought about schizophrenia in a way first-person accounts couldn’t do.” — E.B. Bartels, Electric Literature

“A powerful examination of intergenerational mental illness, an incisive criticism of the treatment of mentally ill in society and in the healthcare system, and a poignant ode to
love and family.” — Bustle

“Sardy…writes to help herself make sense of traumatic events, but in doing so she forces readers to consider mental illness more familiarly: What if your brother, or your mother, was psychotic? Odds are, you’d think differently about how our society addresses—or fails to address—mental health.” — Alison Van Houten, Outside

“An essential addition to the sub-genre of mental health memoirs.” — HelloGiggles

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