praise for
The Edge of Every Day: Sketches of Schizophrenia

“A revelation .… Deeply moving .… This book changed how I thought about schizophrenia in
a way first-person accounts couldn’t do.” — E.B. Bartels, Electric Literature

“Beautiful and tragic” — The Wall Street Journal

“Sardy delivers an extraordinarily ambitious and accomplished narrative … illuminating mental illness from the inside out … An impressive debut.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred)

“A powerful examination of intergenerational mental illness, an incisive criticism of the treatment of mentally ill in society and in the healthcare system, and a poignant
ode to love and family.” — Bustle

“Intelligent, deeply felt, and beautifully written” — Anchorage Daily News

“With an expert hand, Sardy breathes life and urgency into her simultaneously intimate and expansive telling of how the echoes of mental illness have reverberated through a family.”
— Jillian Karande, BuzzFeed

“A beautiful and heart-wrenching account of what it means to love someone living with a mental illness you can never fully understand.” — Sophia LeFevre, Book Riot

“By ignoring traditional narrative structure, jumping back and forward in time, subject and thought, Sardy skillfully reflects the ‘narrative crisis’ that occurs in people with mental illness.” — Helen Thomson, The New York Times Book Review

“An essential addition to the sub-genre of mental health memoirs.”

“Sardy…forces readers to consider mental illness more familiarly: What if your brother, or your mother, was psychotic? Odds are, you’d think differently about how our society addresses—or fails to address—mental health.” — Alison Van Houten, Outside

“A deeply compassionate book about what it means to love someone who is mentally ill — about how hard it is to truly understand another person’s mind and the importance of continuing to try.” — Emily Anthes, UnDark